Hand-held vaporizers are essential for today’s vapor connoisseur as they are simple, discreet, and practical for use with waxes and essential oils. Some of today’s devices are self-cleaning and include a mouthpiece for discretion or glass globe, plus a high grade lithium ion battery and metal or ceramic heating coil which is mounted on a plate inside the barrel. Most included battery chargers which you can plug into an AC or USB socket. The rechargeable battery life can last up to 400 puffs. You are now ready to medicate, as most of these devices heat up in seconds. It is very easy to take discreet puffs from a hand-held vaporizer; another benefit is that as your extract is vaporized, it is consumed without any residue. Also, one dab will last much longer in a good hand-held vaporizer – versus being consumed with a torch and nail. When you are finished, some devices can be locked so you can be safely carry then in your pocket or purse.

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