Suorin Air Starter Kit


The Suorin Air Starter Kit includes:

1 – The Suorin Air Cartridge
1 – Warning card
1 – user manual
1 – microUSB charging cord



The Suorin Air Starter Kit is a credit card-shaped nicotine salt portable vaporizer. The user-friendly device features a refillable magnetic pod system which holds a maximum of 2ml of e-juice.  The Sourin Air is powered by a 400mAH battery leading the competition against any comparative starter mouth to lung starter kit. The Sourin Air boasts a maximum output of 16W which produces flavor rich milky vapor clouds.  This is the perfect pocket-sized vape small enough to store in any pocket without notice and providing the perfect vapor session whenever desired.

The simplicity of the Suorin Air Starter Kit is ideal for the minimalist new to vaping. The device has one button which is to power the device on and off.  The built-in tank/coil system can be refilled with your favorite e-juice. The 2ml capacity lasts longer due to the 1.0 coil head used in the cartridge. Simply load your favorite mouth-to-lung e-liquid in the Sourin Air, secure the device it using the rubber stopper and then connect the magnetic system and enjoy a perfect vape session.

The entire kit weighs under a pound. This lightweight vaporizer will easily fit in any handbag, shirt pocket, or any pants pocket. The slim design bears a likeness to a modern smart device. The Sourin Air can be recharged in 30 minutes using the microUSB port located at the base of the device.

It is recommended to replace the cartridges for your Suorin Air every 3-4 weeks.  After many weeks of using your Suorin with the same cartridge, the coil inside will begin to clog up with extra sweetener from left over ingredients. Maintaining your Sourin Air and changing your cartridge on a regular basis will ensure you receive constant enjoyment from your trusty device.

Suorin is known for being the ‘JUUL Killer’, with the introduction of the revolutionary Suorin Air vaping device. After the introduction of the Suorin Air to the ever changing vape market, many new users and enthusiast are making a change to the Suorin Air due to its slim, card-shaped design with refillable function. Suorin has many all-in-one vapor products utilizing amazing technology and durability backed by a superior reputation. Suorin has currently partnered with Foxconn, the manufacturers of many major smartphone devices to combine design and cutting edge technology for the next generation of devices.

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Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Grey, Rose Gold, Gun Metal


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