Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer

$199.95 $189.00

Kit Includes:

1 – Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer
1 – Collectible Phil Frost Mini Luggage
1 – G Pen Elite Charging Dock
1 – G Pen USB Charging Cable
1 – G Pen Tool
1 – G Card

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Welcome to the next level of portable vaporization, crafted for superior vaporizing of ground herbal material, the Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite provides the quality you expect from a Grenco Science product with new and improved styling, a larger capacity chamber, improved heating, and the intelligent ergonomic design. This new Phil Frost G Pen adds a fresh look and feel to the Elite, and also includes a matching charging station, a custom designed grinder and a collectible Phil Frost Luggage case.

Ergonomic Design

The G PEN series is featured for its cutting edge design and styling, and The Elite takes this to a new level. The ergonomic design of the Phil Frost Elite provides a compact body crafted for portability without having to sacrifice stylish appearance.

State of the Art Technology

The new G Pen Elite provides custom temperature settings and an LED interface which displays the current battery life and temperature setting. Providing one of the largest heating chambers on the market, the device only takes 30 seconds to heat up. The fully ceramic chamber allows for 360 degree heating so all sides of the material will be vaporized through and through. This feature produces unmatched vapor flavor.

How it Works

Completely charge the device for at least 3 hours. Remove the mouthpiece by firmly gripping each side firmly in one hand and lifting one side up. Next, load the ceramic chamber your preferred ground herbal material. Then power the device on by pressing the front activator button 5 consecutive time (pressing 5 times again will turn off the device). You can adjust the temperature by using the buttons on the side to dial in your preferred vaporization temperature. Hold down the front activator button for one second, let go, then wait. Once the LED display indicates your temperature has been reached, you can begin to inhale from the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.

  • Kit Designed by Phil Frost
  • LED Display Interface
  • Easily Fits in Your Pocket or Purse
  • Fully Ceramic 360° Oven
  • Intuitive Temperature Controls
  • Large Ceramic Oven Chamber
  • For Herbal Blends

* 20% Off During Checkout With Code “ELITE”


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