Dab Ninja E-Nail

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Accessories (Included):

1 x 20mm Coil Heater
1 x AC Power Cable
1 x Digital Controller
1 x Universal Grade 2 Titanium E-Nail
1 x Instruction Booklet

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If you want the best inexpensive e-nail on the market, look no further than the Dab Ninja E-Nail. Introducing the Dab Ninja – the most cost effective desktop dab rig to date. Crafted to be compatible with every water device, the Dab Ninja will introduce you to a new world of concentrate healing, from low temp dabbing to consistent nail temperature all at a fraction of cost of traditional electronic nails.

The Dab Ninja offers precise temperature control up to 990°F, resulting in consistency to the concentrate connoisseurs, offering daily dabbers the ability to take full control and dial in their sessions. The Grade 2 Titanium Nail which is included is universally compatible fitting most water devices. This allows you the ability to turn any glass piece into a dab rig. The Dab Ninja is equipped with heat diffusion technology which helps to prevent glass from cracking under high temperatures.

Many e-nails cost a small wad of cash, making them out of reach for the average consumer. With the MEGA affordable Dab Ninja, EVERYONE can have dabsallday at a fraction of the cost of traditional e-nails. Quality E-nails function in the same manner, leaving no reason to spend a $500-$1000 on an overpriced unit which does not provide any enhanced function.

  • Grade 2 Titanium E-Nail
  • 990°F Max Temperature
  • Digital Regulator
  • 20mm Coil Heater
  • Universally Compatible
  • Reaches Temp in 30 Seconds

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