Cloud Paragon Vaporizer

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$99.95 $89.95

Accessories (Included):

1 x Built-in NoGoo Silicone Wax Jar
1 x Adjustable Airflow Base
1 x Micro USB Charger
2 x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizers
1 x Adapter Base
1 x Authenticity Card
1 x 2200mAh Battery
1 x Coil Cap w/ Integrated Dab Tool
1 x C-Tensil Dab Tool
1 x Instruction Manual




Introducing the Cloud Penz Paragon Vaporizer. This is the first vapepen with a NoGoo Jar built right in, an adjustable air flow, and Universal Battery by Cloud Pen. New and intuitive features have made this one of the most unique pens, enhancing your experience exponentially. The Paragon has been made to feature ideas like never before. Starting simple, creating a vape pen that vaper’s love which will improve their session.

The innovators of the Paragon worked tirelessly to make a device which would contain the elements of the perfect vapor pen.

The first unique feature of the Paragon’s is the built silicone in NoGoo non stick jar. This provides convenient non stick storage for your materials to discreetly and safely tuck them away in the bottom of your Paragon.

The second feature of Paragon is the unique air control valve system offering you the ability to adjust the air flow to the exact specifications. The new Paragon uses a 2200 mAh battery which takes only 3 hours to charge and provides you with extra long hours of vaping. You can select from three various temperatures settings. The Paragon battery is universal and made to fit all mods and tanks available. The Paragon also provides the biggest chamber on the market, with a TI coil wrap and dual quartz rods.

  • Built-in NoGoo Silicone Wax Jar
  • Integrated Dab Tool
  • Adjustable Airflow Base
  • 3 Variable Heat Settings
  • 510 Threaded 2200mAh Battery
  • Compatible With Concentrates
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

1 review for Cloud Paragon Vaporizer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Intuitive design! I can keep my stash in my pen perfectly and it also has a cool dab tool. The performance is incredible providing smooth draws that are powerful!

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